Léa Sancandi was born in Paris and raised in the French countryside. After studying international business and management at EDHEC Business School and Schulich School of Business, she began her career in international development, the non-profit sector in France. Léa had grown up in a context where no thought was given to God. Once she was in her late twenties, however, God surprised Léa by putting a Canadian friend in her path, a friend who shared the Christian faith with her. Léa’s newfound faith changed the course of her life.

After Léa lead the youth group at her local church in France, she came to Ottawa in June 2016. She moved into a low-income, multicultural neighbourhood where she continued to combine her love for Jesus with her passion for people. Léa’s faith continued to grow while studying at Ryle Seminary and working for the first time in Christian ministry at the Christian Embassy of Canada and the National House of Prayer. It was not long before God opened more doors. Léa now works for a Member of Parliament in Ottawa and is interning at Church of the Messiah.

Léa has traveled Europe, North America, and Japan. She speaks five languages, which she loves to use to connect with people. Léa also enjoys horseback riding, taking nature walks, and writing cards to her friends and family. She has a blast dancing, playing Dutch Blitz, and giving it her all in laser tag.